The TOTEM Detector Control System
F.L.R.Lucas Rodríguez*, F.Ravotti, I.Atanassov, P.Palazzi (CERN)
The detectors of the TOTEM experiment at the LHC (Roman Pots silicon detectors, CSC & GEM) require the monitoring and control of the usual equipment used in HEP: HV/LV power supplies, VME crates and environmental sensors readout using ELMBs or through the DCU technology. Moreover, while most of the LHC experiments exploit fixed detectors, the TOTEM DCS -Big Brother- includes the control of movable parts (the Roman Pots) to keep the sensors at a specified distance from the beams. The TOTEM DCS differs from those of other LHC experiments in many ways. Engineering and project management follow a structured approach inspired by the ESA ECSS collaborative space standards. Project phasing and planning is done with GDPM on a weekly basis. The collection of functional and technical requirements uses an extension of the ALICE strategy. The Big Brother documentation reside on a dedicated web server, powered by iDOC, a TOTEM DCS technology. The Configuration Management is organized using SubVersioN. Details on the SW development process of the supervisory level (PVSS) will be also given, together with the description of custom automatic scripts which greatly simplify the system configuration.