Digital Powersupply Controller Dataconcentrator DPC_DC
G.Janser* (PSI)
To be able to connect our PSI digital power supplies to Ethernet, and at the same time provide an interface for fast control (like orbit feedback) we have developed the DPC_DC (Digital Power supply Controller Data Concentrator.) Up to eight digital power supplies can be connected to and controlled through one DPC_DC. The circuit fits into a compact aluminum case 106 x 52 x 200 mm. It has the following connectors: 2 RJ45 Ethernet (1 for control access, 1 for local access), 8 optical transmitter / receiver optical fiber (POF) links, 2 RocketIO (SFP) connections for fast control and one optical receiver/ transmitter for trigger functions. It is possible to run embedded LINUX with EPICS on the Virtex XC4VFXFX60 FPGA, with128 MB DDR RAM and 64 MB FLASH. The prototype has been tested with an Ethernet connection between a laptop (LabView ) and the DPC_DC and a digital PS connected to one of the eight channels.