Status of the SOLEIL Control System
A.Buteau*, B.Gagey, P.Betinelli (SOLEIL)
SOLEIL* is a 3rd generation Synchrotron Source located in France near Paris. Early 2009, it delivers photon beam to 20 beamlines with global reliability better than 95%. We will describe the status of the installation and operation of the control systems for the accelerators and beamlines. Hardware status for motion systems, controls and data acquisitions will be given. All software developments are based on the Tango framework, using it, not only as a "traditional control system" but in a more general way as a service-oriented middleware interconnecting SOLEIL's applications. We will show figures and examples of the TANGO software components developed and used. On the supervision layer, SOLEIL uses an industrial SCADA (GlobalScreen) as an integration tool of the JavaBeans components developed with the TANGO ATK graphical framework. Supervision applications are the result of a collaborative work between "pure software developers" and "occasional" supervision applications developers. The work organization, the software architecture and current status at SOLEIL will be given. We will conclude with some statistics about Controls stability and quality after 3 years of operation.
*: http://www.synchrotron-soleil.fr/