The Control System of SPES Target: Current Status and Perspectives.
A.Andrighetto, G.Bassato*, G.P.Prete, J.A.Vasquez, L.Costa, M.G.Giacchini, R.Izsak (INFN/LNL)
The new project of a facility for the Selective Production of Exotic Species (SPES) is starting at LNL. A commercial cyclotron will deliver to the UCx target a proton beam with a current of 200 µA and an energy up to 70 MeV; the project goal is to reach a production of neutron rich fragments at a rate of 1013 /sec. The construction of the Target Laboratory, the most innovative and critical part of the entire facility, is at advanced stage and its control system is being developed using EPICS *. The main challenge in the control system design is the integration in a unique framework of different hardware technologies, ranging from PLCs to embedded Linux controllers. We present the status of the Target control system ** , describe the overall architecture foreseen for SPES and discuss in more detail some technical choices concerning with the realization of GUI applications.