Present Status of the SAGA-LS Control System
S.Koda, T.Kaneyasu*, Y.Iwasaki, Y.Takabayashi (SAGA)
SAGA Light Source (SAGA-LS) is a synchrotron radiation facility consisting of a 255 MeV injector linac and a 1.4 GeV electron storage ring with a circumference of 75.6 m. The SAGA-LS has been stably providing synchrotron light, ranging from VUV to hard x-rays, with users since February 2006. For the control of the SAGA-LS accelerators, a simple PC-LabView based system which uses the EPICS channel access (ActiveX CA) as a communication protocol is utilized. The control system was designed to meet requirements for high reliability, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance and upgrade. The system consists of off-the-shelf IO devices connected to local server PCs (CA servers), console PCs (CA clients) and Ethernet LAN. Both the server and client applications are developed in LabView because of its easiness for in-house software modification and development along with the machine improvements. Up to now about 2, 000 process variables have been employed to control accelerator components such as magnet power supplies, an RF system, vacuum monitors, beam diagnostic systems and insertion devices.