Control System for J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility
A.Agari, A.Kiyomichi, A.Toyoda, E.Hirose, H.Takahashi, H.Watanabe, K.H.Tanaka, M.Ieiri, M.Minakawa, M.Naruki, M.Takasaki, R.Muto, S.Sawada, Y.Katoh, Y.Sato*, Y.Shirakabe, Y.Suzuki, Y.Yamanoi (KEK) H.Noumi (RCNP)
J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility is a multi-purpose research facility, using intense kaons and pions produced with 50GeV-15micro A (750kW) proton beams. In Hadron Experimental hall (HD-hall), the secondary kaon/pion beams are transported to the experimental areas and used for a variety of particle and nuclear physics experiments. In Janually 2009, the first beam was successfully extracted from the accelerator and transported to the beam dump in HD-hall. The present contribution reports the control system for the equipments on the beam lines and safety systems in Hadoron Experimental Facility, using EPCICS.