The LHCb RICH Detector Control System.
A.Papanestis* (STFC/RAL)
The efficient operation of the two Ring Imaging Cherenkov (RICH) detectors of the LHCb experiment is essential for hadron identification. This is achieved by the Detector Control System (DCS) through the integration of the control and monitoring functions of the various subsystems. The DCS controls the various power supplies required for the operation of the Hybrid Photon Detectors (HPDs) and related electronics, collects information about the operating environment of the HPDs to ensure safe operation, and monitors the RICH radiators (pressure, temperature, humidity, gas quality). The system is able to inform the operator or take automatic actions when any monitored quantities go outside predefined safe limits. It is fully integrated in the LHCb Experiment Control System (ECS) and can apply different configurations using recipes. The LHCb RICH DCS has been fully commissioned and is ready for the LHC start-up.