Monitoring Applications Once They Are in the User Community
D.P.Ottavio, J.S.Laster, S.Binello*, T.D'Ottavio (BNL)
Once an application is released to the user community, obtaining prompt and high quality information on application use and reliability can be a challenge. All Linux and Solaris applications used at RHIC and associated accelerators, have been instrumented so that application and crash information is gathered, stored and forwarded to the appropriate developer for immediate analysis.To support this process databases were created to track developer and application information. In order, to keep these databases relevant, a web based application release procedure was upgraded to collect information and automatically update the databases. Additional applications that support developer and user interaction have been developed that utilize various components of this system. An application history server records when an application is started, stopped, by whom, and which machine. An application feedback system allows users to instantly communicate with the application developers. Future work is planned that will store crash information for performance analysis.
U.S. Dept of Energy