Demonstration of an ATCA Based LLRF Control System at FLASH
M.K.Grecki, S.Simrock*, T.Jezynski, WK.Koprek (DESY) D.R.Makowski, W.Jalmuzna (TUL-DMCS) K.Czuba (Warsaw University of Technology Institute of Electronic Systems)
Future RF Control systems will require simultaneuous data acquisition of up to 100 fast ADC channels at sampling rates of around 100 MHz and real time signal processing within a few hundred nanoseconds. At the same time the standardization of low-level systems are common objectives for all laboratories for cost reduction, performance optimization and machine reliability. Also desirable are modularity and scalability of the design as well as compatibility with accelerator instrumentation needs including the control system. All these requirements can be fulfilled with the new telecommunication standard ATCA when adopted to the domain of instrumentation. We describe the architecture and design of an ATCA based LLRF system for the European XFEL. Initial results of the demonstration of such a system at the FLASH user facility will be presented.