Configuration and Sequencing Tools for the LMJ Control System
J.J.Dupas, J.J.Dupas* (CEA) F.P.Signol, J.C.Picon (CESTA)
This presentation describes two of the main functions of the common framework which underlies the Laser MegaJoule (LMJ) supervisory software: configuration and sequencing. The configuration manager allows creating a model of the system under control, and making it available for the different parts of the command-control software. The system is described as a hierarchy of objects linked by different types of relationships, which are used by the command-control software to propagate events, alarms, states and actions. The model acts also as a centralised repository for all of the parameters and characterisation data needed to control the process. Concerning sequencing, it is one of the major functions used to operate the LMJ facility. Specialized software tools were designed to develop and execute the programs that schedule the hundreds of actions needed to perform shot sequences. Sequence programs are described as state machines and VB scripts which are then embedded into the PANORAMA supervisory software that executes them in a distributed manner. Objects, properties and functions of the PANORAMA applications are made available from the scripts through specialized API.