BEPCII EPICS Data Archiving and Retrieving System
C.H.Wang, S.Liu, Z.Zhao* (IHEP Beijing)
IHEP has installed the BEPCII project that has been funded by the Chinese Government in order to further upgrade the BEPC (Beijing Electron Positron Collider) which has operated since 1989.As a part of this updating project, control system is decided to use the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System, EPICS. The Channel Archiver is an archiving toolset for EPICS. It can archive any EPICS channel value that is available via ChannelAccess (CA), the EPICS network protocol. The paper will introduce how to establish EPICS data archiving and retrieving system in BEPCII. It will talk about how to configure and use Channel Archiver and Archive Viewer software based on HP Server and Disk Array platform.