The LSA Database to Drive the Accelerator Settings
R.Billen, R.Billen* (CERN)
The LHC-era Software Architecture (LSA) used to operate the particle accelerators at CERN is dependent on an online database to manage both high and low level parameter settings, including their evolution over time. Accelerator optics models, control sequences, reference values, are amongst the other entities being managed within the database. The LSA database can be considered as being located between the operators and the accelerators; therefore performance, availability, and security of the service as well as data integrity are paramount. To meet these requirements the LSA database model has been carefully developed, all database access is tightly controlled and instrumented, business logic is implemented within the database, and there is a semi-automatic integration with other key accelerator databases. Currently 7 million settings for some 40 thousand devices of the LEIR, SPS, and LHC accelerators are being effectively managed.