ALBA Control & Cabling Database
A.Ruz, D.B.Beltran*, D.Fernandez-Carreiras, I.Costa, J.Klora, J.Ribas, J.V.Gigante, O.Sanchez, R.Ranz, S.Rubio-Manrique, V.Prat (CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron)
CELLS has developed a database as a main repository for the cables and control devices in the ALBA facility. Regarding cables, the database has all the information about the cable configuration (cable and connectors on both sides) and routing (trenches and cable length) as well as the devices where the cables are plugged in. The dabatase performs two checks before uploading a cable: the connector on the equipment and on the cable match, a cable was not connected yet to that equipment. The cables have different status, according to their installation process (received, installed, tested OK, tested error, etc). Regarding control devices, the database has all the information about the devices (serial numbers of computers and boards, DHCP address) and tests done (Operation system, drivers and Tango). This database has a friendly web interface for user access. It allows many types of filters for cable & devices: location in the tunnel or in the racks, by system (SR, Booster, BL1, ...), by routing (name of trench).