Design of a XFEL Beamline DAQ System
A.Yamashita, R.Tanaka, T.Hirono, T.Ohata*, Y.Furukawa (JASRI/SPring-8) M.Yabashi, T.Hatsui, T.Ishikawa (RIKEN/SPring-8)
We have designed the control and the data acquisition system for the SPring-8 XFEL beamlines. The XFEL generates ultra-short pulsed coherent X-ray laser with the 60Hz beam repetition rate. Two-dimensional x-ray detectors are under development for X-ray detection. The data acquisition system for the detectors has to synchronize with the accelerator beam operation cycle to obtain correlations between incident X-ray and experimental data. The tagging system that records event numbers in the measurement data is especially important. The key technologies to make a success of the DAQ system of XFEL beamline are a tagging system of the 60Hz X-ray pulse, a real-time compression of fast massive data and low-latency network for data transfer. Both the network system of 3~4 Gbps bandwidth and the storage system with a near petabyte will be required in the initial operation phase of the XFEL project. At first, we developed a FPGA based tagging board that delivers tag numbers of X-ray pulse shots with parallel and serial interfaces. A first test system will be assembled by early 2010.