Crawling the Control System
T. L.Larrieu* (JLAB)
Information about accelerator operations and the control system resides in various formats in a variety places on a lab network. There are operating procedures, technical notes, engineering drawings, and similar formal controlled documents. There are programmer references and API documentation generated by tools such as doxygen and javadoc. There are the thousands of electronic records generated by and stored in databases and applications such as electronic logbooks, training materials, wikis, and bulletin boards and the contents of text-based configuration files and log files that can also be valuable sources of information. The obvious way to aggregate all these sources is to index them with a search engine that users can then query from a web browser. Toward this end, we evaluated open source search engine software, "Oracle Text", and the Google "mini" search appliance. We chose to implement the Google 'mini' because of its low cost and simple web-based configuration and management. The presentation will s some pros and cons of different search engine choices we evaluated and what we have learned from our experience configuring and using the Google "mini" search appliance.
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