Development of a Multi Functional Unit, Blanc4
M.I.Ishii*, T.Ohata (JASRI/SPring-8)
A beamline station control system in SPring-8 has been installing two types. One is a VMEbus system and another is a desktop PC-Based system. The VMEbus system was adopted to construct a flexible control system by combining VME modules. However, the VMEbus system is over engineering for a compact control system to handle a few I/O signals or a few motor axes. And the VMEbus system is hard to handle for beamline staffs who are not experts of control system. On the other hand, the desktop PC-Based system is relatively low-cost and suitable for small system. However, the system is inferior in stability and scalability to the VMEbus system. To construct a reliable, flexible, compact, low-cost and user-friendly system, we developed a multi functional unit, Blan4, that is a flexible embedded computer supporting COM Express basic form factor. A Blanc4 has two PCI slots and two PCI Express slots in just 1 U height. A Blanc4 can replace connector panels and signal conditioning boards customized for each control target. We report the Blanc4 assembling as a flexible multi functional unit.