Developement of a New Phase Detector for the APS Linac
A. F.Pietryla*, A.E.Grelick, W.E.Norum (ANL)
An effort is being made to upgrade the Advanced Photon Source Linac rf phase detector system. The decision was made to replace the current phase measurement system, which is based on a Los Alamos designed analog vector detector module, with a digital I/Q method. As an initial step we reconfigured one of our current 8-channel, 14-bit ADC designs, originally developed for the storage ring beam position monitor system, to perform the I/Q sampling and the phase and magnitude computations. This paper discusses the current board design, proposed modifications to optimize the board for this application, and field programmable gate array design.
Work supported by U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, under contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357