Controller Platforms from FPGA to ATCA and Reliable Operations at KEK
A.Akiyama, A.Kazakov, J.-I.Odagiri, K.Furukawa*, M.Satoh (KEK)
Several different equipment controller platforms are utilized in the control systems at KEK. Those platforms include the FPGA-based embedded controllers, VME bus systems, programmable logic controllers (PLC), Windows-embedded measurement instruments, micro-TCA and ATCA industry standard systems. Recent systems can accommodate intelligent control software such as EPICS IOC on them. Such software enables advanced actively controls with flexible development environment. In order to improve the availability of the control system some reliability enhancement mechanisms are utilized on those systems. Recent standards such as micro-TCA and ATCA have built-in facilities such as IPMI. We added such hardware to VME systems. Redundant operation configuration is also developed for ATCA and PLC systems. This paper describes those platform features utilized in the control systems.