Survey of Communication Links for ATCA in Physics
S.Simrock, T.Jezynski, WK.Koprek (DESY) D.R.Makowski* (TUL-DMCS)
Modern machines used in high energy physics require sophisticated and complex control systems. The complex systems are usually built as distributed systems. Therefore, the connectivity and communication links between distributed subsystems play a crucial role in the control system. The Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture (ATCA) and Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) standards have attracted the attention of physics community because they offer various types of Gigabit data communication channels, redundancy high reliability and availability. The standards allow using different types of communication interfaces like PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet, RapidIO. In real-time systems the data transmission latency is also important. The acquisition of real-time data from hundreds of analogue channels is required for the Low Level Radio Frequency Controller (LLRF) controller of XFEL (X-ray Free Electron Laser) accelerator. The paper presents survey of the communication interfaces of the LLRF controller for XFEL. The discussion includes the properties of interfaces provided by ATCA and AMC standards and summarizes requirements for the data links and protocols required by LLRF controller.
*Technical University of Lodz, Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science, Lodz, Wolczanska 221/223, Poland**Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Notkestrasse 85, Hamburg, Germany