The First Steps of the Beam Intensity Measurement of the Spiral2 Injector
F.Gougnaud*, P.Mattei (CEA)
The Spiral2 Injector [*] includes several diagnostics. The first ones implemented are Faraday Cups, emittancemeters and DCCTs. Two types of acquisition for the beam intensity measurement on the Faraday Cup are being developed. They are based on different industrial electronic boards. The goal of the first type of acquisition is to determine an average intensity value using a traditional acquisition VME board (64 multiplexed channels). This was carried out for the beam tests on the low beam energy line at LPSC Grenoble in May 2009. The second type of acquisition is to perform a measurement synchronized with the beam pulse, the purpose of which is to provide the peak value. Due to the bandwidth of the expected signals, it is necessary to be able to sample at 1 MSamples/second with ADCs of which the resolution is greater or equal to 14 bits. We chose the couple of ADAS ICV108 (4 Megabytes buffer, event and flip/flop modes) and ICV178 (8 analog inputs with high accuracy) COTS VME boards. The associated Epics software is in progress and will also be integrated into the emittancemeters acquisition.
[*] Preliminary implementations for the new Spiral2 project control system E. Lécorché (Ganil) PCaPAC08, Slovenia