Continuous Scan
F.Langlois, G.Abeille, G.Renaud*, J.Malik (SOLEIL)
SOLEIL is a third generation synchrotron. For beamlines acquisition, we have developed a process called "continuous scan". It allows to sample digital or analog events (typically from detectors) with motor positions while motors are moving. The goal is to reduce significantly deadtimes and to improve synchronization between motion and data acquisition. The hardware part based on CPCI architecture with industrial standards CPCI boards ensures perenity and reliability. Low level software is based on master/slave Tango DeviceServers. Such a system can typically run up to 1MS/sec during 30 min (or one hour at lower sampling frequency).This system operates on two SOLEIL beamlines (Cristal and Tempo ones) and in few weeks on a QuickExafs experiment (Samba beamline). An upgrade is under development to scan datas at 1MS/s without limit of time.