PVSS-II for Indus-2 Control System- An Experience from Commissioning to Operation
B.N.Merh*, P.Fatnani, R.K.Agrawal, R.Yadav, S.Gangopadhyay (RRCAT)
Indus-2 is 2.5 GeV synchrotron radiation source. The control system has been built using supervisory control and data acquisition tool PVSS-II for all the supervisory-level accelerator operation applications. These applications interact with custom made equipment controllers widely distributed in the field. The system caters to more than ten thousand channels and about hundred equipment controllers. The paper describes the work that has been accomplished using PVSS-II in all the areas like API manager development for communicating with external applications, operator interface development with various system and field diagnostics information made available, prioritized alarm configuration and management and database archival to a central external database server. The paper further outlines the experience gained with PVSS-II in utilizing its features for continuous up gradation or modifications and testing aspects. The flexibility achieved and its importance in the commissioning and operation of the synchrotron utilization source is discussed. The paper also briefly comments on the PVSS system performance.