Advanced Control Facility for the Cern-Unicos Framework
A.Moraux, D.O.Tavares, M.Pezzetti* (CERN) H.Coppier (ESIEE)
An increase of interest to advanced control techniques and innovative simulation environment applied to cryogenic processes has occurred at CERN, during last decade. As new control algorithm development into real process control system requires significant time, an agile control testing tool externally connected can improve and simplify the procedure of validating advanced controllers implementation. In this context, the present paper describes the development of a control testing tool at CERN, which allows rapid control strategies implementation through the Matlab/Simulink® environment coupled with a large scale cryogenic control system or with the CERN simulation environment. The time delays which are inherently introduced by network link and communication protocol are analyzed and experimentally identified. A criterion establishes practical limitations for reliable operation.