Analysis of the Control System of ICE, the Insulation and Cooling Test Facility for the Development of the ITER Neutral Beam Injector
C.Taliercio, F.Fantini, F.Fellin, M.Boldrin, M.Breda, M.Moressa, O.Barana*, P.Barbato, W.Rigato (Consorzio RFX Associazione Euratom-ENEA sulla Fusione)
Consorzio RFX will host two experimental devices to address the main issues of the ITER Heating Neutral Beam Injectors (HNBIs): SPIDER (Source for the Production of Ions of Deuterium Extracted from Rf plasma), an ion source at low extraction voltage (100 kV), and MITICA (Megavolt ITer Injector and Concept Advancement), a HNBI at 1 MV. ICE (Insulation and Cooling Experiment) is a test facility developed at Consorzio RFX to tackle significant SPIDER and MITICA technological aspects that require a preliminary study. The ICE control system is mainly based on commercial off-the-shelf products. It is composed of three tiers: automation, supervision and data logging. The automation tier is based on Siemens PLC technology. The supervision tier relies on the commercial PVSS SCADA system that is widely used at CERN. The data logging tier, the only part of the ICE control system not based on industrial products, extends the functionalities of MDSplus, a framework for the management of scientific data. This paper analyses the ICE control system, describing the three tiers and explaining the reasons for the choices. A preliminary description of the ICE control modes is supplied too.