The Low-Level Control System for the CERN PS Multi-Turn Extraction Kickers
C.Boucly, E.Carlier, E.Carlier*, L.Sermeus, R.Noulibos, T.Fowler, J.Schipper (CERN)
To reduce the beam losses when preparing high intensity proton beam for the CERN Neutrino to Gran Sasso (CNGS) facility, a new Multi-Turn extraction (MTE) scheme has been implemented in the PS, to replace the present Continuous Transfer (CT) to the SPS. Prior to extraction the beam is separated in phase space into a central core and four islands by means of non-linear magnetic elements. Each beamlet is then ejected from the PS using fast kickers and a magnetic septum. Industrial off-the-shelf components have been used for the low-level part of the MTE kicker control system. National Instruments PXI systems are used to control the high voltage pulse generators and a SIEMENS programmable logic controller (PLC) handles the centralised oil cooling and gas insulation sub-systems. The different types of low-level controllers are linked via Ethernet to a VME Front-End Computer (FEC) which serves as interface to the higher layers of the accelerator control system. The publication of the various equipment functions to the application layer is performed through generic object oriented classes developed with the CERN Front-End Software Architecture (FESA), deployed at the FEC level.