Control System Integration of the PETRA III BPM System based on Libera Brilliance
F.Schmidt-Foehre, G.Kube, H.Wu*, I.Krouptchenkov, J.Wilgen, P.K.Bartkiewicz (DESY)
The PETRA III Storage Ring has recently successfully commissioned the new BPM System based on ~230 Libera Brilliance [1] modules. This is at present the largest full installation of these modules. This paper presents the complete BPM system from the control aspect. The distributed Libera Brilliance modules are connected via the control system internet. A dedicated middle-layer Linux PC running in a multithreaded environment communicates with all modules using the CSPI package provided by the vendor of the Libera Brilliance modules. This middle layer processes runs in the framework of the TINE control system and services requests from the user applications. In this case, the middle layer server is heavily multithreaded and deals with hundreds of Brilliance modules and is therefore unique, as all the other Libera installations run in a one-process-to-one-Libera mode. An automation procedure has also been developed for remote installing and updating software packages, as well as restarting and rebooting the CSPI server running on the Libera modules.
[1] Instrumentation Technologies, Slovinia, http://www.i-tech.si/.