Options for Interfacing EPICS to COTS Hardware Through LabVIEW
A.Veeramani* (National Instruments) A.P.Zhukov, W.Blokland (ORNL)
Over the years, many have developed custom drivers to interface hardware to EPICS Input Output Controller (IOC). With LabVIEW having native drivers for supporting commercial hardware, development time can be reduced if an interface with LabVIEW and EPICS IOC was developed. This paper examines the different ways of interfacing LabVIEW and EPICS IOC both on VxWorks and Windows operating systems. Implementation of the Channel Access (CA) server on LabVIEW will also be covered along with the advantages and limitations of such an approach. The paper will also list the status of the different implementations at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos National Laboratory.