Integrated Operations at JET
O.Hemming, P.McCullen, R.C.Felton*, S.E.Dorling, T.Budd (EFDA-JET) J.W.Farthing (UKAEA Culham)
The Joint European Tokamak (JET) is the world's largest operational machine for experiments on fusion plasmas using Deuterium and Tritium. Over time, the measurement, control and protection systems have evolved and integrated, driven by the Scientific and Engineering Programmes, Regulatory Authorities, etc. With a view to operating JET beyond 2014, we are now undertaking a Review of the main Integrated Operations Protection Systems. This paper presents the issues, concepts and operational experiences. The key issues are personnel safety (local, site, and environs), machine protection, and programme productivity ' all based on hazard/frequency/risk analysis. The key concepts involve not only the use of reliable sensors, processors, actuators but also the active management of Engineering Changes (function, implementation, etc.) and Operational Changes (configuration, calibration, etc.). We have Weekly Coordination Meetings, Special Workgroups for Safety and for Protection, and Formal Processes for Engineering Change. Each System has a Responsible Officer for the day-to-day operation and maintenance.
This work was carried out within the framework of the European Fusion Development Agreement and funded partly by the United Kingdom Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and by EURATOM.