GumTree Decoded
T.K.Lam* (ANSTO)
During the construction of 8 new Australian neutron beam instruments, the software team from Bragg Institute (ANSTO) has developed a novel software system, codename GumTree, which unifies data acquisition and analysis under a single user application. GumTree is a Java-based system that builds on Spring, OSGi and Eclipse RCP framework. It provides many application building blocks for creating different kinds of scientific applications, including control system connector, data processing engine, reduction algorithm libraries, OpenGL data visualisation toolkit, workflow support and script engine connectivity (cPython, JavaScript, etc). With tight integration of above components, users can script and plan their experiments in an interactive way, and let GumTree to automate the experiment based on the automatically analysed raw results. The main benefit of this approach is to increase the effective use of instrument, saving instrument time and cost for long running experiments. GumTree system can run as either desktop application or middleware server mode. The simplified web client version that uses Adobe Flex and AJAX are also under development.