New Fast Orbit Feedback Architecture Based on Libera Brilliance Devices for the ESRF Storage Ring
E.Plouviez, J.M.Koch* (ESRF)
In the frame of the upgrade of the ESRF, one important implementation regarding the source will be to improve the stability of the beam in the whole frequency range at which mechanical vibrations or electro-magnetic disturbances take place. The improvement of the existing orbit correction scheme based on separate slow and fast systems* will be achieved both by taking advantage of smart measurement thanks to the newly installed Libera Brilliance and by using more correctors than today. This new Fast Orbit Feedback will therefore rely only on the 96 correctors integrated inside the sextupole magnets to cover the full frequency range all around the ring. Following the successful implementation of such a scheme at the Swiss Light Source and, more recently, at Diamond Light Source, re-using as much as possible pieces of software and ideas on hardware both from DLS and from Soleil, we have defined the architecture for the ESRF scheme that will be developed in this paper.
* DIPAC 2009 ID: 1208 - TUPD05 Eric Plouviez (ESRF, Grenoble) Improvement of the Fast Orbit Correction on the ESRF Storage Ring