Towards 3D Human-Machine-Interfaces: Generic "3DViewer" Extension for the Control Systems Displays at CERN
M.Gonzalez-Berges, P.Golonka* (CERN)
The 3D-Viewer component of the PVSS JCOP Framework allows to extend the PVSS-based operator consoles at CERN with 3-dimensional, interactive and animated graphics. Being completely generic, it allows for a variety of use cases, ranging from the synoptic intuitive views of the status of detectors, to customized HMI elements such as graphs or histograms. It is an interesting showcase for the integration of platform-independent technologies such as PVSS, Qt and Open Inventor. The component allows for full control of the content and appearance of the "scene" being displayed, including its dynamic modification during the run-time (i.e. in response to real-time events), and interaction with the objects in the scene. The complete functionality is exposed through a clean, high-level interface of PVSS graphical objects and scripts, making them easy to integrate.