Integrating High Level Applications and Software Components Using a SCADA Tool
A.Buteau, A.Buteau*, M.Ounsy, V.H.Hardion (SOLEIL)
To build integrated high level applications, SOLEIL is using an original component oriented approach based on GlobalSCREEN*, an industrial Java SCADA. The first kind of components is made up on top of the ATK (Application Tango Toolkit) library: a rich set of Java graphical widgets, including scientific data visualization tools, and encapsulating TANGO communication. More complex components are Java Rich Client applications providing a high level of service and ergonomic layouts to the end user: data logging access, scanning services, sequencing setup and control. Packaged as JavaBeans in GlobalSCREEN's components library, all these components are ready to use by means of drag-dropping and properties configuration to connect them to the control system. So, using GlobalSCREEN as a Rich Client Platform allows non experienced developers to quickly build, without writing any Java code, very complex and fully integrated applications dedicated for example to the end users of a beamline. The work organization, the software architecture and design of the whole system will be presented, as well as the current status of deployment at SOLEIL for the Accelerators and the Beamlines.
*: http://www.ordinal.fr/