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The venue, Kobe International Conference Center (KICC), is located around Shimin-Hiroba Station.

Sannomiya connects to Shimin-Hiroba Station through Port Island. The middle of Port Island is home to the Kobe Convention Center. Access is easy by either taxi or 'Port Liner' overhead train.

Port Liner Trains:The Port Liner trains run approx. every 5 minutes between Kobe Airport and Sannomiya. All trains stop at the station next to the Convention Center, called “Shimin-Hiroba”. From Sannomiya to Shimin-Hiroba costs 240 Yen and takes about 10 minutes either way. Coming from Kobe Airport, the cost is 240 Yen and takes 8 minutes.

Link : Access to Kobe Convention Center

Kobe (Sannomiya Station): Access from abroad

Route 1: Kansai international airport >>> Venue

Route 2: Narita international airport >>> Venue

Route 1: Kansai International Airport(KIX)

The simplest and cheapest way from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Sannomiya station is to use the Airport Limousine Bus.

1-1. KIX >>> (Bus (65 min)) >>> Sannomiya station [>>>(Port Liner (10min)) >>> Shimin Hiroba (venue) ]

We recommend to get from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Kobe(Sannomiya) by Airport Limousine Buses, because the bus is a simplest and cheapest way to get to the Kobe central area. You can use hotel shuttle buses from Sannomiya station to Protopia Hotel and Hotel Pearl City Kobe.

1-2 KIX >>>(Ferry (29min)) >>> Koube airport (station) >>> (Port Liner (10min)) >>> Shimin Hiroba (Venue)

A direct way to go to the venue. A ferry is also available.

1-3. KIX >>>(Train) >>>Shin-Osaka>>>(Train (total 85 min)) >>>Sannomiya station [>>>(Port Liner (10min)) >>> Shimin Hiroba (venue) ]

Railway to Sannomiya station using local train.
Please take Haruka express to Shin-Osaka, and transfer to local train to Sannomiya. There are many trains running.

Route2: Narita International Airport (NRT)

2-1. NRT >>> (Train(1 hour)) >>> Tokyo >>> (Shinkansen bullet train (4 hours)) >>> Shin-Kobe >>>(Train (3 min)) >>> Sannomiya [>>>(Port Liner (10 min)) >>> Shimin Hiroba (venue) ]

You can also use international flight to the Narita International Airport (NRT). In order to go to Shin-Kobe, please take Narita express train to Tokyo, then transfer to the Shinkansen bullet train to Shin-Kobe. Amount of time required are, Narita >>>Tokyo: about 1 hour, and Tokyo >>> Shin-Kobe: about 4 hours. Trains run at frequent intervals.

2-2. NRT >>>(Domestic flight)>>>Osaka Itami Airport>>>(Bus(45 min)) >>>Sannomiya[>>>(Port Liner (10 min)) >>> Shimin Hiroba (venue) ]

You can also use international flight to the Narita International Airport (NRT), and a connecting domestic flight from Narita to Osaka Itami Airport. You can then travel on to Sannomiya by Airport Limousine Bus or train.


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