Poster Presentations

Tuesday Oct. 13, 2009

TUP001: Monitoring the LHCb Experiment Computing Infrastructure with NAGIOS
E.Bonaccorsi*, N.Neufeld (CERN)

TUP002: Software Management in the LHCb Online System
E.Bonaccorsi, G.Moine, L.Brarda, N.Neufeld* (CERN)

TUP003: Consummation of an Observable Network System

T.Ohata*, M.Ishii, T, Sakamoto, (JASRI/SPring-8)

TUP004: SESAME Computing and Network Infrastructure

A.Al-Adwan*, S.A.Matalgah (SESAME)

TUP005: Preliminary Planning of Taiwan Photon Source Control Network

C.H.Kuo, J.Chen, K.T.Hsu, Y.-S.Cheng, Y.-T.Chang* (NSRRC)

TUP006: Integration of Computers and Terminals by introduction of the Virtualization Technology and Thin Client in SPring-8

K.Mayama, M.Hanada, M.Kodera*, S.Yokota, T.Shimizu (JASRI/SPring-8)

TUP007: Control System Network Architecture at NSLS-II

R.Petkus* (BNL)

TUP008: Development of High Resolution Large Display for SPring-8 Central Control Room

A.Yamashita, R.Fujihara, T.Hamano* (JASRI/SPring-8)

TUP009: Network Impact of Small and Ubiquitous Intelligent Devices

R.Petkus* (BNL)

TUP010: CSS - We didn't Invent It, We Made It Better.

D.J.Armstrong, J.D.Purcell*, K.-U.Kasemir (ORNL) X.H.Chen (ORNL RAD)

TUP011: Software for Supervisory Control of the Trim Coil Power Supplies of the Kolkata Superconducting Cyclotron

B.Sarkar*, C.Datta, D.Sarkar, S.Bandyopadhyay (DAE/VECC)

TUP012: XAL Adoption Experience at LCLS

Q.Gan (IHEP Beijing) A.Chan, D.Fairley, D.Rogind, E.Grunhaus, G.R.White, J.Wu, M.Woodley, P.Chu*, P.Krejcik, S.Chevtsov, M.Zelazny (SLAC)

TUP013: On-change Publishing of Database Resident Control System Data

C.Roderick, R.Billen, R.Billen* (CERN)

TUP014: The Automation of Working Cycle for the KCSR Booster Synchrotron.

E.V.Kaportsev, K.Kuznetsov, L.A.Moseiko, N.I.Moseiko, Y.L.Yupinov, Y.V.Krylov* (RRC)

TUP015: A Framework for Authentication and Authorization in Plug-in-Based Control System Software

H.R.Rickens, J.Hatje, M.R.Clausen, M.R.Clausen* (DESY)

TUP016: Orbit Display Software for CLIC Test Facility (CTF3) at CERN

F.Tecker, J.-M.Nonglaton (CERN) B.S.Srivastava*, N.Lulani, P.Fatnani, P.Shrivastava, R.K.Agrawal (RRCAT)

TUP017: Managing Alarms and (Log)Messages - the CSS Way

B.Schoeneburg, G.Liu, H.R.Rickens, J.Hatje, M.Moeller, M.R.Clausen* (DESY)

TUP018: JMX-based Console Application Manager

P.K.Bartkiewicz*, R.Schmitz, W.Schütte (DESY)

TUP019: Diagnostic and Monitoring CERN Accelerator Controls Infrastructure : The DIAMON Project - First Deployment in Operation

J.Lauener, M.Sobczak, P.Charrue, P.Charrue* (CERN)

TUP020: Role Based Access Control in the LHC : The RBAC Project - First Deployment in LHC Operation
I.Yastrebov, M.Sobczak, P.Charrue*, W.Sliwinski (CERN) A.D.Petrov, E.S.M.McCrory, S.R.Gysin (Fermilab)

TUP021: The LHC Post Mortem Analysis Framework

A.Castaneda, A.Rijllart, D.Khasbulatov, H.Reymond, I.Romera Ramirez, M.Zerlauth*, N.Trofimov, O.O.Andreassen, R.Gorbonosov, V.Baggiolini (CERN)

TUP022: Alarms Philosophy

K.-U.Kasemir, K.S.White* (ORNL)

TUP023: Multi-Device Knob Utility for LCLS at SLAC

D.Fairley, D.Rogind, G.R.White, H.Smith, M.Woodley, P.Chu, P.Krejcik, S.Chevtsov, M.Zelazny* (SLAC)

TUP024: Generation of Simple, Type-Safe Messages for Inter-Task Communications

C.King, R.Neswold* (Fermilab)

TUP025: Beam-Size Measurement System at the SAGA-LS Storage Ring

S.Koda, T.Kaneyasu, Y.Iwasaki, Y.Takabayashi* (SAGA)

TUP026: Beam Measuremet System for VEPP-2000

D.E.Berkaev, Yu. A.Rogovsky* (BINP SB RAS)

TUP027: Calibration of the Beam Position Monitors for VEPP-2000

Yu. A.Rogovsky* (BINP SB RAS)

TUP028: Process Watcher Application in D0 Experiment at Fermilab

D.G.Savage, J.F.Bartlett, V.Sirotenko* (Fermilab)

TUP029: KSTAR Widget Toolkit Using Qt Library for the EPICS Based Control System

M.K.Park, S.Baek*, S.Lee (NFRI)

TUP030: Versatile Network Stream Capture Tool Using Java for High Energy Accelerator Control Systems

N.Kanaya* (Ibaraki University Electrical and Electronic Eng.)

TUP031: System of Power Supply Ripples Measurement for VEPP-2000 Collider

A.S.Medvedko, D.E.Berkaev*, O.V.Belikov, P.Yu.Shatunov, V.R.Kozak (BINP SB RAS)

TUP032: Beam Measurement System of VEPP-2000 Injection Channels

D.E.Berkaev*, E. V.Bykov, I.A.Ostanin, V.P.Cherepanov, V.R.Kozak, V.V.Repkov (BINP SB RAS)

TUP033: The Virtual UNICOS Process Expert: Integration of Artificial Intelligence Tools in Industrial Control Systems

G.Thomas* (CERN), Ignacio Vilches Calvo(CERN, Geneva), Renaud Barillere(CERN, Geneva)

TUP034: New ACOP Beans and TINE General Purpose Diagnostic Applications

I.Kriznar, J.Bobnar, T.Kusterle (Cosylab) P.Duval* (DESY) S.Weisse (DESY Zeuthen)

TUP035: JDDD in Action

A.Petrosyan, E.Sombrowski*, K.Rehlich, P.Gessler (DESY) J.M.Meyer (ESRF)

TUP036: Application Software for the BSP-100 Beam Position Monitor at the APS

G.Decker, H.Shang*, L.Emery, R.Soliday, W.E.Norum (ANL)

TUP037: The FERMI@Elettra Online Modeling Toolkit

C.Scafuri* (ELETTRA)

TUP038: CPPerl/CXML - a Host-Based Sequencer for EPICS

P.Gurd, R.Keitel* (TRIUMF)

TUP039: Emittance Measurement Wizard

A.Shapovalov* (MEPhI)

TUP040: IRMIS3 Status

G.Carcassi* (BNL)

TUP041: HWII, a Hardware Inventory and Integration Database for the Virgo Project

F.Carbognani, F.Carbognani*, G.Hemming (EGO)

TUP042: Weak Beam Diagnostics Utility for ATLAS-CARIBU

F.H.Munson, G.P.Zinkann, M.A.Power*, R.C.Pardo (ANL)

TUP043: Recent Changes in the 500 MeV Cyclotron's Central Control System to Reduce Beam Downtime and Beam On/Off Transitions

E.Klassen, J.J.Pon*, K.S.Lee, M.Mouat, M.Trinczek, P.J.Yogendran (TRIUMF)

TUP044: Control of the Rotating Beam on RIB Targets at TRIUMF

E.Klassen, K.S.Lee*, M.Mouat, M.Trinczek, R.E.Laxdal, W.R.Rawnsley (TRIUMF)

TUP045: Preliminary Test of EPICS Waveform Support for TPS

C.H.Kuo, C.Y.Wu, J.Chen, K.H.Hu, K.T.Hsu, Y.-S.Cheng* (NSRRC)

TUP046: Jefferson Lab Personnel Safety Electronic Log RMA

I.T.Carlino, K.Kindrew, K.L.Mahoney*, N.Okay, T. L.Larrieu, T.S.McGuckin (JLAB)

TUP047: The Use of Process and Instrumentation Drawings for Accelerator and Beamline Control Applications at the Canadian Light Source

E.Matias*, G.Judkins, J.Swirsky, M.McKibben (CLS)

TUP048: ALMA Software Project Management, Lessons Learned

G.Raffi* (ESO) B.E.Glendenning (NRAO)

TUP049: The TOTEM Detector Control System

F.L.R.Lucas Rodríguez*, F.Ravotti, I.Atanassov, P.Palazzi (CERN)

TUP050: Making Continuous Integration a Reality for Control Systems on a Large Scale Basis

A.Buteau*, G.Viguier, M.Ounsy, S.Dupuy, S.Le, V.H.Hardion (SOLEIL)

TUP051: Systems Enginering Approach to the Phased Multi-Year LANSCE-Refurbishment Project

F.E.Shelley, J.L.Erickson, L.Rybarcyk, M.Pieck*, M.S.Gulley (LANL)

TUP052: Failure Mode Effects Analysis for an Accelerator Control System

S.M.Hartman* (ORNL)

TUP054: Systems and Software Engineering for the MAX IV Facility

T.Friedrich* (MAX-lab)

TUP056: Software Configuration Control

W.H.Strong* (ORNL)

TUP057: FPGA Digital Timing System for Fusion Plasma Diagnostics in LHD

H.Nakanishi*, K.Kawahata, M.Kojima, M.Nonomura, M.Ohsuna, S.Imazu, S.Sudo, Y.Ito, Y.Nagayama (NIFS)

TUP058: A Pulse-Pattern Generator Using LabVIEW FPGA

F.Ziegler, G.Marx, L.Schweikhard (Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität) D.B.Beck*, F.Herfurth, H.Brand, H.Hahn, S.Koszudowski (GSI)

TUP059: Commissioning of the FPGA Based Transverse Feedback System at the Advanced Photon Source

C.Yao, N.P.Di Monte*, W.E.Norum (ANL)

TUP060: Single Board Computer for Equipment Control

M.Thieme*, M.Zweig, S.Rauch, W.Panschow (GSI)

TUP061: Applications and Upgrading of the Flexible and Logic-reconfigurable VME Board

T.Hirono*, T.Kudo, T.Ohata (JASRI/SPring-8)

TUP062: Control Architecture of a New Power Supply Controller for Diamond Light Source

A.J.Rose, I.Uzun, J.A.Dobbing, J.Rowland, M.G.Abbott, M.T.Heron* (Diamond)

TUP063: Configuration Management for Software and Firmware at PSI Accelerators

T.Pal, T.Pal* (PSI)

TUP065: PC/104 Embedded IOCs at Jefferson Lab

A.Cuffe, J.Yan*, S.D.Witherspoon, T.L.Allison (JLAB)

TUP066: Embedded Solutions for EPICS Based Control Systems

M.Dach* (PSI)

TUP067: Magnet Power Supply Control System Using i-DIO FPGA Program in a VME Filed Bus Card

K.Fukami, T.Masuda (JASRI/SPring-8) H.Takebe*, O.Otake, T.Fukui, T.Hara, Y.Otake (RIKEN/SPring-8)

TUP068: Reconfigurable Embedded Interface System for High Energy Accelerators

N.Kanaya* (Ibaraki University Electrical and Electronic Eng.)

TUP069: Multipurpose LLRF Field Controller for Various Superconducting Cavity Applications

W.Cichalewski, W.Jalmuzna* (TUL-DMCS)

TUP070: A Signal Processing Board for the J-PARC Slow Extraction Feedback Control

A.Kiyomichi, H.Nakagawa, H.Sato, H.Someya, M.Tomizawa, R.Muto, T.Adachi (KEK) K.Noda (NIRS) K.Mochiki (Tokyo City University Department of Nuclear Safety Engineering) S.Onuma* (Tokyo City University Graduate School of Engineering, Infomation Engineering)

TUP071: The Control System for Induction Acceleration in the KEK Digital Accelerator

T.Iwashita, Y.Arakida (KEK) K.Mochiki (Tokyo City University Department of Nuclear Safety Engineering) T.Sano* (Tokyo City University Graduate School of Engineering, Infomation Engineering)

TUP072: Reconfigurable Data Acquisition System for Time-Resolved Measurements in Multibunch Mode of the SLS

A.Puzic, B.Kalantari, C.Quitmann, J.Raabe, T.Korhonen* (PSI)

TUP073: Digital Powersupply Controller Dataconcentrator DPC_DC

G.Janser* (PSI)

TUP074: What is Front-end and What is Back-end

R.Ursic* (Instrumentation Technologies)

TUP075: Canadian Light Source - Phase II Beamline Control System Status Update

D.Beauregard, E.Matias*, G.Black, G.Wright, R.Berg, R.Igarashi, T.Wilson, W.Dolton (CLS)

TUP076: Development of the Future Spiral2 Control System

F.Gougnaud, J.-F.Gournay, J.F.Denis, P.Mattei, Y.Lussignol (CEA) C.H.Haquin, D.T.Touchard, E.Lecorche*, E.Lemaitre, L.Philippe, P.Gillette (GANIL) C.Maazouzi, J.H.Hosselet, P.G.Graehling (IPHC)

TUP077: The Present Status of the Control System for the ANGARA-5 Fusion Facility

A.V.Kartashov, E.V.Grabovsky, G.M.Oleinik, V.I.Zaitsev* (SRC RF TRINITI)

TUP078: National Ignition Facility Project Completion and Control System Status

A.P.Ludwigsen, C.D.Marshall, D.G.Mathisen, J.M.Fisher, L.J.Lagin, P.J.Van Arsdall*, R.Demaret, R.G.Beeler, R.K.Reed, R.M.Bryant, R.W.Carey, T.M.Frazier (LLNL)

TUP079: The ATLAS MDT Control System

S.Zimmermann (Freiburg) G.Bobbink, R.G.K.Hart* (NIKHEF)

TUP080: The ATLAS Barrel Alignment Readout System

F.O.G.Bauer (CEA) P-F.Giraud (CERN) H.L.Groenstege, H.van der Graaf, R.G.K.Hart* (NIKHEF)

TUP082: Operation and Running of BEPCII Control System

C.H.Wang* (IHEP Beijing)

TUP083: The 10 Petawatt Upgrade Proposal For The Vulcan High-Power Laser

A.Boyle, A.Kidd, C.Hernandez-Gomez, D.A.Pepler*, D.J.Robinson, E.J.Divall, I. O.Musgrave, P.Holligan (STFC/RAL)

TUP084: Upgrading the Control System of RIKEN RI Beam Factory for New Injector

J.-I.Odagiri (KEK) M.K.Fujimaki, M.Komiyama*, N.Fukunishi (RIKEN Nishina Center) A.Uchiyama (SHI Accelerator Service ltd.)

TUP085: Status of the SOLEIL Control System

A.Buteau*, B.Gagey, P.Betinelli (SOLEIL)

TUP086: The Control System of SPES Target: Current Status and Perspectives.

A.Andrighetto, G.Bassato*, G.P.Prete, J.A.Vasquez, L.Costa, M.G.Giacchini, R.Izsak (INFN/LNL)

TUP087: Control and Data Acquisition for the ITER Ion Source Test Facility

A.Barbalace, A.Luchetta*, A.Soppelsa, C.Taliercio, G.Manduchi, O.Barana (Consorzio RFX Associazione Euratom-ENEA sulla Fusione)

TUP088: The Control System of the ATLAS Pixel Detector

J.Zhong (Academia Sinica Institute of Physics) J.Boek, J.Schultes, P.Kind, P.Maettig, S.Kersten (Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal Fachbereich Physik) B.Di Girolamo, K.Lantzsch* (CERN) P.Sicho (Czech Republic Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics) J.J.Moss (Ohio State University)

TUP089: A Control System for the EMMA 20 MeV Electron NS-FFAG

A.Oates, B.G.Martlew*, G.Cox, P.H.Owens (STFC/DL) A.Quigley, R.V.Rotheroe (STFC/DL/SRD)

TUP090: The Status of the Alba Controls

D.Fernandez-Carreiras* (CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron)

TUP091: Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) Undulator Line Control System*

J.Z.Xu*, N.D.Arnold, R.Laird, S.E.Shoaf, S.J.Stein, W.E.Norum, X.S.Xu (ANL)

TUP092: The Development of the Undulator Controls Module at the Linac Coherent Light Source

A.D.Alarcon* (SLAC)

TUP093: The ALICE Detector Control System, Ready for First Collisions

A.Augustinus*, L.S.Jirden, P.Ch.Chochula (CERN)

TUP094: Control System Design for Central Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Facility

N.Yamamoto*, Y.Takashima (Nagoya University Department of Materials Science and Engineering) M.Hosaka (Nagoya University Graduate School of Engineering) M.Katoh (UVSOR)

TUP095: Facility Utility Control System of XFEL/SPring-8

M.I.Ishii, R.Tanaka, T.Masuda* (JASRI/SPring-8) N.Kumagai, T.Fukui, Y.Sekiguchi (RIKEN/SPring-8)

TUP096: The Control System of the ATLAS Inner Detector

F.Dittus* (CERN)

TUP097: Present Status of Control System of UVSOR-II

H.Zen*, J.Yamazaki, K.Hayashi, M.Adachi, M.Katoh (UVSOR)

TUP098: Present Status of the SAGA-LS Control System

S.Koda, T.Kaneyasu*, Y.Iwasaki, Y.Takabayashi (SAGA)

TUP099: A Control System Developed for 150 MeV FFAG Accelerator Complex and its Application

A.Osanai, H.Yoshino, K.Takamiya, M.Tanigaki*, N.Abe, T.Takeshita (KURRI)

TUP100: The LHCb Silicon Tracker And Its Control System: From Scratch Towards Stable Operation

A.Buechler* (UZH) D.Esperante Pereira (usc)

TUP101: ALMA Common Software (ACS), Status and Development

M.Sekoranja (Cosylab) A.Caproni, B.Jeram, G.Chiozzi*, H.Sommer, J.Schwarz (ESO) R.Cirami (INAF-OAT) H.Yatagai (NAOJ) J.A.Avarias (NRAO) A.A.Hoffstadt, J.S.Lopez (UTFSM) A.Grimstrup (University of Calgary Physics Department)

TUP103: Status of the ATLAS Detector and Common Infrastructure Control

H.J.Burckhart, O.Gutzwiller*, S.Franz, S.Schlenker (CERN) V.Filimonov, V.Khomutnikov (PNPI) L.Sargsyan (YerPhI)

TUP104: NSLS II Control System

D.Dohan, G.B.Shen, L.R.Dalesio*, N.Malitsky, Y.Tian (BNL) A.Ratti, L.R.Doolittle (LBNL)

TUP105: The Control System of the FERMI@Elettra Free Electron Laser

A.Abrami, C.Scafuri, F.Giacuzzo, G.Gaio, L.Pivetta, M.Lonza*, M.Pugliese (ELETTRA)

TUP106: Status Report of the Measurement Service for the CERN Accelerator Logging

G.Kruk, M.Gourber-Pace*, M.Misiowiec (CERN)

TUP107: Development of a New Control System for the FAIR Accelerator Complex at GSI

M.Thieme, R.Baer*, U.Krause, V.RW.Schaa, W.Schiebel (GSI)

TUP108: Control System for J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility

A.Agari, A.Kiyomichi, A.Toyoda, E.Hirose, H.Takahashi, H.Watanabe, K.H.Tanaka, M.Ieiri, M.Minakawa, M.Naruki, M.Takasaki, R.Muto, S.Sawada, Y.Katoh, Y.Sato*, Y.Shirakabe, Y.Suzuki, Y.Yamanoi (KEK) H.Noumi (RCNP)

TUP109: Present Status of SARAF Control System

C.Piel (RI Research Instruments GmbH) A.Abramson, A.Perry, I.Gertz*, I.Mardor, L.Weissman (Soreq NRC)

TUP110: Conceptual Design of the ITER Plasma Control System

A.Wallander, A.Winter*, D.J.Campbell, I.Yonekawa, J.Snipes, L.Scibile, W.-D.Klotz, Y.Gribov (ITER)

TUP111: The LHCb RICH Detector Control System.

A.Papanestis* (STFC/RAL)

Wednesday Oct. 14, 2009

WEP001: Configuration and Sequencing Tools for the LMJ Control System
J.J.Dupas, J.J.Dupas* (CEA) F.P.Signol, J.C.Picon (CESTA)

WEP002: BEPCII EPICS Data Archiving and Retrieving System

C.H.Wang, S.Liu, Z.Zhao* (IHEP Beijing)

WEP004: Web Services for APS Control Systems Relational Database Software: Tying It All Together

D.E.R.Quock* (ANL)

WEP005: The LHC Logging Service: Handling Terabytes of On-line Data

A.Khodabandeh, E.B.Grancher, N.Segura Chinchilla, R.Billen, R.Billen*, R.D.Gaspar Aparicio (CERN)

WEP006: The LSA Database to Drive the Accelerator Settings

R.Billen, R.Billen* (CERN)

WEP007: FESA 3.0: Overcoming the XML/RDBMS Impedance Mismatch

M.Martin Marquez, M.Peryt*, R.Billen (CERN)

WEP008: The New CERN Controls Middleware Directory Service

J.Lauener, P.Charrue, P.Charrue* (CERN)

WEP009: ALBA Control & Cabling Database

A.Ruz, D.B.Beltran*, D.Fernandez-Carreiras, I.Costa, J.Klora, J.Ribas, J.V.Gigante, O.Sanchez, R.Ranz, S.Rubio-Manrique, V.Prat (CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron)

WEP010: Validation of a MySQL-based Archiving System for ALBA Synchrotron

S.Rubio-Manrique* (CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron) G.Strangolino (ELETTRA) M.Ounsy, S.Pierre-Joseph Zephir (SOLEIL)

WEP011: Automated Experimental Data Analysis at the National Ignition Facility

A.L.Warrick, E.J.Bond, J.A.Liebman, J.D.Tappero, P.W.Edwards, R.C.Bettenhausen, R.G.Beeler, S.G.Azevedo*, S.M.Glenn, W.H.Williams (LLNL)

WEP012: Application of MDSplus for the Management of the Pulsed-based Experimental Data in KSTAR Tokamak

M.K.Park, S.Lee, T.G.Lee* (NFRI)

WEP013: Application of a Simple Text Format as a Device Configuration File

T.T.Nakamura* (KEK)

WEP014: Two-level Channel Model in Three-level Control System

A.V.Makeev, D.Bolkhovityanov, D.Bolkhovityanov*, P.B.Cheblakov, Y.I.Eidelman (BINP SB RAS)

WEP015: Grid-enabling the Astra Gemini Laser Data

A.A.Pakhira, A.Kidd, D.A.Pepler*, D.Neely, K.Hayrapetyan, L.Lerusse, L.Sastry, M.M.Notley, M.T.Gleaves, S.Nagella, V.A.Marshall (STFC/RAL)


D.Dohan* (BNL)

WEP017: Design of a XFEL Beamline DAQ System

A.Yamashita, R.Tanaka, T.Hirono, T.Ohata*, Y.Furukawa (JASRI/SPring-8) M.Yabashi, T.Hatsui, T.Ishikawa (RIKEN/SPring-8)

WEP018: Software Applications for the Commissioning of the LHC Superconducting Circuits

A.Rijllart, B.Bellesia, J.Szkutnik, M.Pojer, M.Solfaroli Camillocci, M.Zerlauth, M.Zerlauth*, R.I.Saban, R.Schmidt (CERN) A.Marqueta Barbero, C.Fernandez-Robles (IBERINCO)

WEP019: Crawling the Control System

T. L.Larrieu* (JLAB)

WEP020: Life Cycle Management System for Accelerator Equipment

A.Yamashita, Y.Ishizawa* (JASRI/SPring-8)

WEP021: A MySQL Based EPICS Archiver

C.J.Slominski* (JLAB)

WEP022: Timing Delay Management Database for J-PARC Linac and RCS

H.Sakaki (JAEA) H.Takahashi*, H.Yoshikawa (JAEA/J-PARC) M.Sugimoto (Mitsubishi Electric Control Software Corp)

WEP023: Correction of Phase and Amplitude Error of RF Modulator and Demodulator

M.Yamaga (JASRI/SPring-8) H.Maesaka, N.Hosoda, S.M.Matsubara, T.Ohshima*, Y.Otake (RIKEN/SPring-8)

WEP024: Development of Microcontroller-based Computer Interface Board and Local Display Unit for Steering Magnet Power Supplies

S.Bhagwat (BARC) C.Datta, D.Sarkar, K.Datta*, S.Bandyopadhyay (DAE/VECC)

WEP025: BEPCII Timing System

G.Lei*, G.Li, G.X.Xu, L.Wang, W.Gao (IHEP Beijing)

WEP026: Design and Implementation of a Full-featured Distributed Synchronization System Using Commercial Hardware

B.Kalantari*, T.Korhonen (PSI)

WEP027: System Integration Effort on MagViz a Liquid Explosive Detection Device

J.F.Power, J.O.Hill, M.Pieck* (LANL)

WEP028: Development of a Multi Functional Unit, Blanc4

M.I.Ishii*, T.Ohata (JASRI/SPring-8)

WEP029: The White Rabbit Project

G.Gaderer, P.Loschmidt (Austrian Academy of Sciences) E.G.Cota, J.H.Lewis, J.Serrano*, M.Cattin, P.Alvarez, P.M.Oliveira Fernandes Moreira, T.Wlostowski (CERN) J.Dedic (Cosylab) C.Prados, M.Kreider, R.Baer, S.Rauch, T.Fleck (GSI)

WEP030: A New Magnetic Field Regulation System for the CERN Proton Synchrotron

J.-P.Burnet, J.L.Gomez Costa, M.Chamiot-Clerc, M.Veenstra*, Q.King, X.Genillon, Y.Gaillard (CERN)

WEP031: Developement of a New Phase Detector for the APS Linac

A. F.Pietryla*, A.E.Grelick, W.E.Norum (ANL)

WEP032: PCI/cPCI Interface for PSI Power Supply Controller

D.B.Beltran*, D.Fernandez-Carreiras, F.Becheri, J.Klora, J.V.Gigante, L.Krause, M.Lipinsky (CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron)

WEP033: Using an IIDC/DCAM Camera for Beam Display and Analysis

D.M.Gassner, L.T.Hoff, R.H.Olsen* (BNL)

WEP034: Application of VEPP-4M Database for Analysis Radiation Resistance of Temperature Sensors on Base DS1631Z

O.A.Plotnikova*, S.E.Karnaev, V.Y.Chudaev (BINP SB RAS)

WEP035: Data Acquisition for SSRF Ring Bunch Charge Monitor

S.T.Huang, W.M.Zhou, Y.B.Leng*, Y.B.Yan (SSRF)

WEP036: Development of Software for Event System in KEK Linac

K.Furukawa, M.Satoh (KEK) S.Kusano*, T.Kudou (MELCO SC)

WEP037: Implementation of PIC-based Embedded I/O Controller with EPICS for RILAC Control System

J.-I.Odagiri (KEK) M.K.Fujimaki, M.Komiyama (RIKEN Nishina Center) H.Yamauchi (SHI Accelerator Service Ltd.) A.Uchiyama* (SHI Accelerator Service ltd.)

WEP038: CompactPCI Express for Control Applications

H.Kleines*, M.Drochner, M.Ramm, W.Erven (FZJ)

WEP039: Timing System Upgrade for SNS

J.Dedic (Cosylab) D.H.Thompson* (ORNL) D.Curry (ORNL RAD)

WEP040: Power Supply Control System of NSLS-II

Y.Tian* (BNL)

WEP041: Hard Real-Time Networks for Fast Feedback and Timing

S.Hunt (AHB) A.Zagar, J.Dedic, K.Zagar*, P.Kolaric, R.Sabjan, R.Stefanic (Cosylab)

WEP042: The Motor Control in the SPARC Injector

D.Filippetto, E.Pace, G.Di Pirro*, S.Fioravanti (INFN/LNF) A.Cianchi (Università di Roma II Tor Vergata Physics Department)

WEP043: The Camera Acquisition System in the SPARC Control System

D.Filippetto, E.Pace, G.Di Pirro*, S.Fioravanti (INFN/LNF) A.Cianchi (Università di Roma II Tor Vergata Physics Department)

WEP044: LXI Instrumentation, with EPICS IOCs, for Remote Waveform Monitoring & Analysis

L.Shaw* (ZTEC Instruments)

WEP045: A Pico-Second Stable Clock and Trigger Distribution System for the European XFEL

K.Rehlich (DESY) A.Hidvegi, C.Bohm, C.Bohm* (Stockholm University Department of Physics)

WEP046: Development of the Undulator Control System for XFEL/SPring-8

T.Ohata (JASRI/SPring-8) T.Tanaka (RIKEN Spring-8 Harima) O.Otake*, T.Fukui (RIKEN/SPring-8)

WEP047: Upgrade of Readout System for Beam Position Monitors in the KEKB Beam Transport Line

K.Furukawa, M.Satoh, N.Iida (KEK) K.Yoshii, T.Aoyama*, T.Nakamura (MELCO SC)

WEP048: Controller Platforms from FPGA to ATCA and Reliable Operations at KEK

A.Akiyama, A.Kazakov, J.-I.Odagiri, K.Furukawa*, M.Satoh (KEK)

WEP049: Digitally Controlled Magnet Power Supply

D.E.Kim, K.-H.Park*, S.-H.Jeong, Y.G.Young-Gyu (PAL) B.-K.Kang (POSTECH)

WEP050: Survey of Communication Links for ATCA in Physics

S.Simrock, T.Jezynski, WK.Koprek (DESY) D.R.Makowski* (TUL-DMCS)

WEP051: Acquisition of Analog Signals in ATCA based LLRF Control System for X-FEL

M.K.Grecki, S.Simrock, T.Jezynski*, WK.Koprek (DESY) D.R.Makowski, W.Jalmuzna (TUL-DMCS)

WEP052: Experience with Motion Control Systems at the Canadian Light Source

D.Bertwistle*, E.Matias, M.McKibben (CLS)

WEP053: The First Steps of the Beam Intensity Measurement of the Spiral2 Injector

F.Gougnaud*, P.Mattei (CEA)

WEP054: Continuous Scan

F.Langlois, G.Abeille, G.Renaud*, J.Malik (SOLEIL)

WEP055: PVSS-II for Indus-2 Control System- An Experience from Commissioning to Operation

B.N.Merh*, P.Fatnani, R.K.Agrawal, R.Yadav, S.Gangopadhyay (RRCAT)

WEP056: Motion Controls Using EPICS and Galil Controllers.

R.I.Farnsworth* (ASCo)

WEP057: Control System for SIDDHARTH Medical Linear Accelerator

A.P.Bhagwat, V.B.Ukey* (SAMEER Medical Electronic Division)

WEP058: The SNS Vacuum Control System Upgrade for the Superconducting Linac

D.C.Williams* (ORNL)

WEP059: Helium Cryoplant Off-line Commissioning and Operator Training: Two Applications of the PROCOS Simulation System at CERN

B.Bradu, J.Vasseur, M.Pezzetti*, P.Gayet (CERN)

WEP060: Advanced Control Facility for the Cern-Unicos Framework

A.Moraux, D.O.Tavares, M.Pezzetti* (CERN) H.Coppier (ESIEE)

WEP061: The Control System for the Cryogenics in the LHC Tunnel [ First Experience and Improvements ]

A.Tovar, C.Fluder, E.Blanco, G.Penacoba, J.Casas, L.Zwalinski, M.Pezzetti, M.Soubiran, P.Gomes* (CERN)

WEP062: Analysis of the Control System of ICE, the Insulation and Cooling Test Facility for the Development of the ITER Neutral Beam Injector

C.Taliercio, F.Fantini, F.Fellin, M.Boldrin, M.Breda, M.Moressa, O.Barana*, P.Barbato, W.Rigato (Consorzio RFX Associazione Euratom-ENEA sulla Fusione)

WEP063: Control Power Supply System for Electromagnetic Elements for Tehnological Linac

A.S.Chepurnov, I.V.Gribov (MSU) A.F.Shamarin (Marathon Ltd.) A.A.Sarvilov, A.N.Savchenko, D.L.Stepin, G.N.Tsebenko, V.N.Boriskin*, V.N.Vereshchaka (NSC/KIPT)

WEP064: Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Technologies for Picosecond Timing and Synchronization

T.F.Debelle, T.F.Debelle* (National Instruments)

WEP065: The Low-Level Control System for the CERN PS Multi-Turn Extraction Kickers

C.Boucly, E.Carlier, E.Carlier*, L.Sermeus, R.Noulibos, T.Fowler, J.Schipper (CERN)

WEP066: SESAME Microtron Control System Upgrade

A.Al-Adwan* (SESAME)

WEP067: EPICS at Soft X-Ray Beamlines at DELTA

M.Schmidt, S.Doering, U.Berges* (DELTA) F.Enz (ENZ)

WEP068: SNS Injection and Extraction Kicker Control System Integration, Real-time Waveform Monitor, Machine Protection and Operation Experience

J.Y.Tang*, S.M.Hartman (ORNL) L.A.Longcoy (ORNL RAD)

WEP069: Development of PLC-based Beam Monitor Controller for XFEL/SPring-8

A.Yamashita, H.Ego, K.Yanagida (JASRI/SPring-8) H.Maesaka, S.I.Inoue*, S.M.Matsubara, Y.Otake (RIKEN/SPring-8)

WEP070: Data Acquisition System of Beam Loss Monitors of the J-PARC Main Ring

D.A.Arakawa, H.Nakagawa, J.-I.Odagiri, N.Kamikubota, N.Yamamoto, S.Yamada, T.Toyama, Y.Hashimoto (KEK) M.Takagi, S.Motohashi* (Kanto Information Service (KIS), Accelerator Group)

WEP071: Three Frequency Undulator Radiation FEL Gain of Betatron Oscillations and Beam Energy Spread

G.Mishra (Devi Ahilya University School of Physics) V.Gupta* (KCB Technical Academy)

WEP072: New Control System for the EPU 4.6

C.Y.Wu*, D.Lee, J.Chen, K.H.Hu, K.T.Hsu, S.Y.Hsu (NSRRC)

WEP073: Control System Integration of the PETRA III BPM System based on Libera Brilliance

F.Schmidt-Foehre, G.Kube, H.Wu*, I.Krouptchenkov, J.Wilgen, P.K.Bartkiewicz (DESY)

WEP074: Upgrading the Control System of the Movable Masks for KEKB

J.-I.Odagiri, K.Furukawa, T.T.Nakamura (KEK) T.Nakamura* (MELCO SC)

WEP075: Options for Interfacing EPICS to COTS Hardware Through LabVIEW

A.Veeramani* (National Instruments) A.P.Zhukov, W.Blokland (ORNL)

WEP076: Control of the J-PARC Slow Extraction Line Based on Embedded EPICS

A.Kiyomichi, H.Nakagawa, J.-I.Odagiri, K.O.Okamura, M.Tomizawa, N.Kamikubota, N.Yamamoto, R.Muto, S.Murasugi, Y.Shirakabe (KEK) M.Takagi* (Kanto Information Service (KIS), Accelerator Group)

WEP077: Device Control in ALICE

A.Augustinus, L.S.Jirden*, L.W.Wallet, P.Ch.Chochula (CERN)

WEP078: Using EPICS Enabled Industrial Hardware for Upgrading Control Systems

E.Bjorklund (LANL) A.Veeramani* (National Instruments)

WEP079: Integrated Control and Archive System for Utility Facility

J.-C.Chang, J.-R.Chen, Z.-D.Tsai* (NSRRC)

WEP080: The EMBL Sample Changer Pipeline

U.R.Ristau* (EMBL)

WEP081: A Programmable Logic Controller-Based System for the Recirculation of Liquid C6 F14 in the ALICE High Momentum Particle Identification Detector at the Large Hadron Collider

G.De Cataldo, P.Martinengo (CERN) A.Franco, C.Pastore, I.Sgura* (INFN-Bari) C.Dell'Olio, U.Fratino (Università e Politecnico di Bari Dipartimento Interateneo di Fisica)

WEP082: Embedded EPICS Controller for KEKB Pulsed Quadrupole Magnet Power Supply

J.-I.Odagiri, K.Furukawa, K.Mikawa*, T.Mimashi (KEK) T.Nakamura (MELCO SC)

WEP083: Trials, Tribulations, and Pitfalls Using Commercial Instruments for Data Acquisition

K.L.Unger, R.C.Lee*, R.H.Olsen (BNL)

WEP084: Remote Controls for the Active Alignment System of the LHC Low Beta Quadrupoles

E.Blanco, E.Blanco*, J.P.Palluel, S.Redaelli (CERN)

WEP085: The National Instruments Based SARAF Main Control System

C.Piel (RI Research Instruments GmbH) A.Abramson*, A.Perry, I.Gertz, I.Mardor (Soreq NRC)

WEP086: EPICS IOC of WindowsXP-based Oscilloscope for Fast BPM Data Acquisition System

K.Furukawa, M.Satoh*, T.Suwada (KEK) S.Kusano, T.Kudou (MELCO SC)

WEP087: A Different Way to Survey the ESRF Vacuum System

D.Schmied*, E.Burtin, I.Parat, J.M.C.Chaize, P.V.Verdier, R.Kersevan (ESRF)

WEP088: The TOTEM On-line Radiation Monitoring System

F.L.R.Lucas Rodríguez, F.Ravotti*, I.Atanassov, J.Morant, P.Palazzi (CERN)

WEP089: Machine Protection and Interlock Systems at Synchrotron SOLEIL

F.Dohou, J.Coquet, P.Betinelli*, P.Monteiro, R.P.Patrick, X.Deletoille (SOLEIL)

WEP090: Development of Crowbar System for the Protection of High power Vacuum Tubes used for 240 KW, 3-Ф RF System for Superconducting Cyclotron at VECC

A.De, S.K.Thakur*, S.Saha (DAE/VECC)

WEP091: Upgrade of the Accelerator Radiation Safety System for SPring-8

C.Saji*, H.Hanaki, H.Ohkuma, H.Yonehara, K.Soutome, M.Kago, M.Takao, M.Toko, R.Tanaka, S.Suzuki, T.Masuda, T.Matsushita (JASRI/SPring-8)

WEP092: New Beam Loss Monitor for 12 GeV Upgrade

J.Yan*, K.L.Mahoney (JLAB)

WEP093: The Machine Protection System for the Linac Coherent Light Source

A.J.Tilghman, J.E.Dusatko, J.J.Olsen, K.D.Kotturi, P.Krejcik, S.Allison, S.Chevtsov, S.R.Norum*, T.Straumann (SLAC)

WEP094: Safety Requirements in the SPES Control System: Preliminary Design

L.M.Li (CIAE) A.Battistella, G.Bassato*, G.P.Prete, J.A.Vasquez, L.Costa, M.G.Giacchini (INFN/LNL)

WEP095: Architecture of VEPP-4M Collider's Interlock System

O.A.Plotnikova*, S.E.Karnaev, V.I.Kaplin (BINP SB RAS)

WEP096: Design of the Accelerator Safety Interlock System for the XFEL in SPring-8

C.Saji, M.Kago*, N.Nariyama, R.Tanaka, T.Matsushita (JASRI/SPring-8) T.Fukui, T.Itoga, Y.Asano (RIKEN/SPring-8)

WEP097: Safety PLCs Simplify Upgrade of the BESSY II Personnel Safety Interlock

D.Thorn, J.Rahn*, R.Daum, S.Ehlert, S.Pavlis (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH Elektronen-Speicherring BESSY II)

WEP098: Failure Mode And Recovery Strategies For The Operation Of The Tore Supra Tokamak

M.Lennholm (EFDA-JET) D.Douai, F.Saint-Laurent, P.H.Moreau*, P.Hertout, P.Pastor, S.P.Bremond (EURATOM-CEA)

WEP099: Management of Critical Machine Settings for Accelerators at CERN

G.Kruk, P.Charrue, V.Kain, W.Sliwinski* (CERN)

WEP100: The SSRF Radiation Safety Interlock System and its Applications

J.Cai, J.H.Cai, J.H.Wang, J.Q.Xu, K.M.Fang, X.J.Xu*, X.Liu, X.Xia (SINAP)

WEP101: Integrated Access Control for PVSS-based SCADA Systems at CERN

M.Gonzalez-Berges, P.Golonka* (CERN)

WEP102: The LHC Access System

E.Sanchez-Corral Mena, F.Valentini, L.Hammouti, P.Ninin, S.Grau, T.Hakulinen, T.Ladzinski*, T.Pettersson, T.R.Riesco (CERN)

WEP103: Introduction of Radiation Monitor System for the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility

X.Liu*, X.Xia (SINAP)

WEP104: Integrated Operations at JET

O.Hemming, P.McCullen, R.C.Felton*, S.E.Dorling, T.Budd (EFDA-JET) J.W.Farthing (UKAEA Culham)

WEP105: Beam Containment System for NSLS-II*

P.K.Job, S.L.Kramer*, W.R.Casey (BNL)

WEP106: Configuration Management Plan for Interlock Safety Systems at the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS)

E.Carrone, M.E.Saleski* (SLAC)

WEP107: Linac Coherent Light Source Personnel Protection System Architecture

E.Carrone, P.A.Bong* (SLAC)

WEP108: Contribution of the CLS Control System to the CLS Accelerator System Reliability

E.Matias*, H.Zhang, Jong (CLS)

WEP109: Alarm Rationalization: Practical Experience Rationalizing Alarm Configuration for an Accelerator Subsystem

X.Geng* (ORNL)

WEP110: Standards Based Measurable Security for Embedded Devices

B.Copy* (CERN)

Thursday Oct. 15, 2009

THP001: Holographic Plasma Control Program
C.A.Lobo* (CMV)

THP002: A Multi-Agent System for Building Large-Scale, Distributed, Hierarchical Control Systems

C.Timmer, D.Abbott, E.J.Wolin, E.Jastrzembski, V.H.Gyurjyan*, W. G.Heyes (JLAB)

THP003: Distributed Control System in VEC & SCC - an Experience with EPICS

A.Roy, N.Chaddha, R.B.Bhole, S.Pal, T.Bhattacharjee* (DAE/VECC)

THP004: New ESRF's BPM System for the Storage Ring Using Libera Brilliance Device

F.Epaud* (ESRF)

THP005: BsxCuBE: a Control System for BioSAXS Experiments

D.P.Spruce, R.N.Fernandes* (ESRF)

THP006: The Control System for BEPCII Superconducting Magnet

C.H.Wang, H.L.Shi, J.C.Wang, J.Liu*, X.L.Wang (IHEP Beijing)

THP007: Power Supply Control System Prototype Based on RTEMS

C.H.Wang, H.L.Shi* (IHEP Beijing)

THP008: Control System for the MMF Experimental Area

V.K.Gorbunov* (RAS/INR)

THP009: Developments in the Integration of Video Into EPICS on Diamond Light Source

M.Rivers (ANL) M.G.Abbott, M.T.Heron, N.P.Rees, U.K.Pedersen* (Diamond)

THP010: Control System Availability for the Spallation Neutron Source

S.M.Hartman* (ORNL)

THP011: The Diamond Light Source Control System Interface to the Libera Beam Position Monitors

G.Rehm, I.Uzun, M.G.Abbott* (Diamond)

THP012: Evaluation of the LHC Software Architecture for Data Supply and Setting Management within the FAIR Control System

D.Ondreka, J.Fitzek, R.Mueller* (GSI)

THP013: The On Line Read Out System for the Radiation Monitoring System in the LHC Accelerator

A.Nyul*, C.Pignard, D.K.Kramer, T.Wijnands (CERN)

THP014: The Spiral2 Command Control Software Organisation and Management.

J.-F.Gournay, Y.Lussignol (CEA) C.H.Haquin, D.T.Touchard*, E.Lecorche, E.Lemaitre, L.Philippe, P.Gillette, P.Lermine (GANIL)

THP015: An Analysis of the Control Hierarchy Modeling of the CMS Detector Control System

A.Racz, B.Beccati, C.Deldicque, C.Schwick, D.Gigi, E.Cano, E.Meschi, F.Glege, F.Meijers, H.Sakulin, J.A.Coarasa, J.F.Laurens, J.Gutleber, L.Orsini, M.Ciganek, M.Simon, M.Zanetti, R.Gomez-Reino, R.Moser, S.Cittolin, Y.L.Hwong* (CERN) A.Meyer, D.Hatton, U.Behrens (DESY) D.Shpakov, H.Cheung, J.A.Lopez-Perez, K.Biery, R.K.Mommsen, V.O'Dell (Fermilab) A.S.Yoon, C.Loizides, C.Paus, F.Ma, G.Bauer, J.F.Serrano Margaleff, K.Sumorok (MIT) S.Erhan (UCLA) A.Petrucci, J.Branson, M.Pieri, M.Sani (UCSD)

THP016: Alba, A Tango Based Control System in Python

D.Fernandez-Carreiras*, F.Becheri, J.Klora, R.Suñé, S.Blanch, S.Rubio-Manrique, T.Coutinho (CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron)

THP017: A Control System Upgrade for the Daresbury MEIS Facility

P.H.Owens* (STFC/DL)

THP018: EPICS Channel Access Implementation in LabVIEW

A.P.Zhukov*, W.Blokland (ORNL)

THP019: Supporting High Performance Motor Controllers with EPICS

J.P.Sullivan* (ANL)

THP020: AIDA, An Architecture for Distributed Accelerator Data at SLAC

D.Fairley, D.Rogind, E.Grunhaus, G.R.White*, G.S.McIntyre, H.Shoaee, P.Chu, P.Krejcik, R.C.Sass, R.D.Hall, S.Chevtsov, M.Zelazny (SLAC)

THP021: Virtual Accelerator Control System

W.Zhang* (IMP)

THP022: Testing EPICS Redundant IOC and IO on ATCA

A.Kazakov* (KEK)

THP023: Fiber Optic Control for Electron Gun Power Supplies of 3MeV DC Accelerator

B.S.Israel, K.Nanu, R.N.Rajan (BARC) K.C.Mittal, K.Dixit, R.B.Chavan*, V.Yadav (BARC-EBC)

THP024: About the Opportunity to Use Solid-State Photo Multipliers for not Destroying Synchrotron Diagnostics of High Energy Proton Beams

A.A.Maltsev* (JINR) M.V.Maltseva (TENZOR)

THP025: The Scyntillation Solid-State Detector for Complex Control and Diagnostics System of Subcritical Electronuclear Installation

A.A.Maltsev* (JINR)

THP026: Development of an FPGA Based RF Control System For the S-DALINAC

A.Araz*, M.Konrad, R.Eichhorn, U.Bonnes (TU Darmstadt)

THP027: Control System for Injection Channels of VEPP-2000 Collider

A.S.Kasaev, A.S.Stankevich, D.E.Berkaev*, F.V.Podgorny, O.V.Belikov, P.B.Cheblakov, V.R.Kozak (BINP SB RAS)

THP028: VEPP-2000 Collider Control System

A.N.Kirpotin, A.P.Lysenko, A.S.Medvedko, D.E.Berkaev*, E.A.Kuper, I.Koop, P.B.Cheblakov, P.Yu.Shatunov, V.R.Kozak, Y.M.Shatunov, Yu. A.Rogovsky (BINP SB RAS)

THP029: New Hardware and Software Developments for the XFEL

K.Rehlich* (DESY)

THP030: New Developments for the JCNS Neutron Scattering Instruments

A.Erven, D.Korolkov, H.Kleines, J.Heinen, L.Fleischhauer-Fuss, M.Drochner*, M.Monkenbusch, M.Wagener, S.Mattauch (FZJ)

THP031: Upgrade of RF Control System at SPring-8

R.Tanaka, T.Kudo, T.Masuda, T.Matsumoto* (JASRI/SPring-8)

THP032: Upgrading the PROSCAN Control System to EPICS: a Success Story

A.C.Mezger*, D.Anicic, H.Lutz, M.Gasche, T.Korhonen (PSI)

THP034: TINE Release 4.1: Responding to the User's Needs

M.Lomperski, P.Duval*, P.K.Bartkiewicz, S.W.Herb (DESY) S.Weisse (DESY Zeuthen)

THP035: Automation of the Experiment on the VEPP-4 Facility

A.G.Shamov, D.Bolkhovityanov, O.A.Plotnikova, S.E.Karnaev*, S.I.Mishnev (BINP SB RAS)

THP036: A Proposal for Introspection In EPICS

D.Dohan, L.R.Dalesio* (BNL) R.Lange (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH Elektronen-Speicherring BESSY II)

THP037: FESA Frontend Framework for the FAIR Accelerator Complex

A.Schwinn, D.Pfeiffer, K.Höppner*, S.Matthies (GSI)

THP038: First Experience with the Introduction of Virtualization Techniques into the DELTA Control System

D.Schirmer*, O.Kopitetzki, P.Hartmann, P.Towalski (DELTA)

THP039: Magnet Power Supply Control Based on EPICS on F3RP61 for KEK-ATF

J.-I.Odagiri, J.Urakawa, N.Terunuma, S.Araki* (KEK) A.Hayakawa, J.Ozawa, Y.Tsukada (KIS)

THP040: New PC-Based RF Control System of the K-800 Superconducting Cyclotron At Infn Lns

A.Longhitano (ALTEK) L.Xia (CIAE) A.C.Caruso*, A.Spartà (INFN/LNS)

THP042: The SPARC Control System

M.Quattromini, V.Surrenti (ENEA C.R. Frascati) D.Filippetto, E.Chiadroni, E.Pace, F. A.Anelli, G.Di Pirro*, L.Cultrera, M.Bellaveglia, S.Fioravanti (INFN/LNF) A.Cianchi (Università di Roma II Tor Vergata Physics Department)

THP043: PostgreSQL Usage within the SPARC Control System

E.Pace*, G.Di Pirro, S.Fioravanti (INFN/LNF)

THP044: The SPARC Vacuum System

A.Clozza, E.Pace*, F. A.Anelli, G.Di Pirro, S.Fioravanti (INFN/LNF)

THP045: Controls Evolution on ISIS, an Accelerator Based Neutron Production Facility


THP046: Conceptual Design of the PLS-II Control System

J.C.Yoon* (PAL)

THP047: A New DAQ Installation for the SIS18 Beam Position Monitoring System at GSI

G.Jansa, I.Verstovsek, J.Bobnar, M.Sekoranja, S.Sah (Cosylab) G.Froehlich, J.Fitzek, K.Höppner, K.Höppner*, K.Lang, M.Schwickert, P.Kowina, R.Mueller (GSI)

THP049: Distributed Control System for an Industrial Electron Accelerator

S.Acharya (BARC) K.C.Mittal, V.Sharma* (BARC-EBC)

THP050: A RF Test Stand Control System for The XFEL/SPring-8

A.Yamashita, M.Yamaga, S.Takahashi, T.Masuda, T.Ohata (JASRI/SPring-8) H.Maesaka, K.Shirasawa, N.Hosoda, T.Fukui*, T.Hasegawa, T.Ohshima, Y.Otake (RIKEN/SPring-8)

THP051: The Extented Archiver in DOOCS

H.Keller* (DESY)

THP052: New Event-based Control System for Simultaneous Top-up Operation at KEKB and PF

A.Kazakov, K.Furukawa*, M.Satoh, T.Suwada (KEK) S.Kusano, T.Kudou (MELCO SC)

THP053: Experience with the SLAC Controls Architecture Evolving to the Needs of the LCLS

A.Chan, D.Fairley, D.Rogind, E.Grunhaus, E.Williams, G.R.White, H.Shoaee, P.Chu, P.Krejcik*, S.Allison, S.Chevtsov, M.Zelazny (SLAC)

THP054: OPC at Jefferson Lab

D.M.Wetherholt* (JLAB)

THP055: SSRF Fast Orbit Feedback System Design and Commissioning

C.X.Yin*, D.K.Liu, L.Y.Zhao, M.Liu, S.W.Tang (SINAP)

THP056: Computer Models to Optimise the Setting of the MAMI Double Sided Microtron

H.J.Kreidel*, M.Dehn (IKP)

THP057: Stabilisation of an Orbit of Particles for VEPP-4M Electron-pozitron Collider

I.I.Morozov* (BINP SB RAS)

THP058: Control of Duration and Time Uniformity of Beam Extracted from a Synchrotron.

V.A.Karpov, Y.A.Bashmakov* (LPI)

THP059: Introducing Fast Orbit Feedback at BESSY

I.Mueller, J.Rahn, R.Goergen, R.Lange, R.Müller* (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH Elektronen-Speicherring BESSY II)

THP060: Feedback Controller for LINAC Output Energy at SNS

D.G.Taylor (GIT/ECE) M.P.Martinez* (ORNL)

THP061: NSLS-II Insertion Device Controls Plan

D.A.Harder, J.Rank, L.R.Dalesio, T.Tanabe* (BNL)

THP062: Performance Studies of an Integrated Orbit Feedback System with Slow and Fast Correctors

C.H.Kuo, C.H.Kuo*, K.T.Hsu (NSRRC)

THP063: Preparing Slow Controls at BESSY for Fast Orbit Feedback

I.Mueller, J.Rahn, R.Goergen, R.Lange*, R.Müller (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH Elektronen-Speicherring BESSY II)

THP064: Orbit Feedback in Taiwan Light Source

C.H.Kuo*, K.T.Hsu, P.C.Chiu (NSRRC)

THP065: Plasma Position Control and Current Profile Reconstruction for Tokamaks

F.Saint-Laurent*, P.H.Moreau, S.P.Bremond (EURATOM-CEA) B.Faugeras, C.Boulbe, J.Blum (Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis)

THP066: Fast Orbit Feedbacks for DELTA

D.Schirmer, D.Schirmer*, G.Schuenemann, P.Towalski, T.Weis (DELTA)

THP067: PROCOS: a Real Time Process Simulator Coupled to the Control System

P.Gayet, P.Gayet* (CERN)

THP068: Feedbacks and Controls of the EMBL Petra III Beamlines

U.R.Ristau* (EMBL)

THP069: Laser Heater Controls Overview at the Linac Coherent Light Source

M.Boyes* (SLAC)

THP070: Libera Brilliance and Libera Photon Working Together in Fast Orbit Feedback

A.Kosicek*, P.Leban (Instrumentation Technologies)

THP071: Design of the Digital LLRF System of the ESS-Bilbao Ion Source Test Stand

H.Hassanzadegan* (ESS Bilbao)

THP072: Tune Tracking RFKO Bunch Purification with Bunch-by-bunch Feedback at SPring-8

H.Yonehara, K.Fukami, K.Kobayashi, M.Shoji, T.Aoki, T.Nakamura* (JASRI/SPring-8)

THP073: Implementation of a Fast Orbit Feedback System at the ALS

E.C.Williams* (LBNL)

THP074: Decoupling Control System Components Using Asynchronous Publish/Subscribe Middleware

C.Timmer, D.Abbott, D.Lawrence, E.J.Wolin*, E.Jastrzembski, V.H.Gyurjyan, W. G.Heyes (JLAB)

THP075: XAL Status Report

A.P.Shishlo, C.K.Allen*, T.A.Pelaia (ORNL)

THP076: Multi-platform Processor Framework for Data Analysis, Data Acquisition and Simulation

N.Xiong*, P.Hathaway (ANSTO)

THP077: Study on a New Framework of the Accelerator Application Software Based on Eclipse

C.H.Wang, Q.Gan* (IHEP Beijing) P.Chu (SLAC)

THP078: A Taste of CAFE

J.T.M.Chrin* (PSI)

THP079: Dynamic Attributes and Other Functional Flexibilities of PyTango

R.Suñé, S.Rubio-Manrique*, T.Coutinho (CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron) E.T.Taurel (ESRF)

THP080: Re Writing TANGO Code Generator Using openArchitectureWare' Technology

P.V.Verdier* (ESRF)

THP081: Extending ACNET Communication Types to Include Multicast Semantics

C.King, R.Neswold* (Fermilab)

THP082: RMS Envelope Back-Propagation in the XAL Online Model

H.Sako (JAEA) M.Ikegami (KEK) C.K.Allen* (ORNL)

THP083: Lessons Learned Enhancing EPICS CA for LANSCE Timed and Flavored Data

J.O.Hill* (LANL)

THP084: Constructing EPICS Environments Upon Fedora/Ubuntu Servers for SSRF and SDUV-FEL Control System

G.Y.Jiang* (SSRF)

THP085: An Integration Testing Facility for the CERN Accelerator Controls System

C.G.A.Dehavay, J.C.Bau, M.Arruat, M.Sobczak, N.Stapley*, S.Deghaye, W.Sliwinski (CERN)

THP086: A "Pluggable" API for High Level Software Applications Based on the FLASH DAQ System

K.Rehlich, R.Kammering*, V.Kocharyan, V.Rybnikov (DESY)

THP087: Task Synchronization in the Observation Control Software for the ESO-VLT CRIRES Instrument

A.J.Smette, E.Pozna*, R.Schmutzer (ESO)

THP088: Soft IOC Application in SSRF Beam Diagnostics System

Y.B.Leng*, Y.B.Yan, Y.Zou (SSRF)

THP089: Development of a New Java Channel Access Library JCAL

H.Sako (JAEA/J-PARC) H.Ikeda* (Visual Information Center, Inc.)

THP090: Advanced Monitor/Subscription Mechanisms for EPICS

A.N.Johnson (ANL) L.R.Dalesio (BNL) R.Lange* (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH Elektronen-Speicherring BESSY II)

THP091: Development of a High-Level Application Framework with Script Language JCE for Accelerator Beam Commissioning

H.Sako (JAEA/J-PARC) H.Ikeda* (Visual Information Center, Inc.)

THP092: The EVALSO Project: Software/Hardware Architecture and Remote Tests Results

A.Santin, I.Coretti, M.Pucillo, P.Di Marcantonio, P.Santin, R.Cirami* (INAF-OAT)

THP093: JDataViewer - Java-based Charting Library

G.Kruk* (CERN)

THP094: A Modular Environment for High Level Applications

G.B.Shen* (BNL)

THP095: Integrating LWDAQ Into The Detector Control Systems Of The LHC Experiments At CERN

M.Gonzalez-Berges, O.Holme* (CERN)

THP096: QTango: a Qt Based Framework for Tango Graphical Control Panels

C.Scafuri, C.Scafuri* (ELETTRA)

THP097: RADE - A Rapid Application Development Framework Used for LHC Hardware Commissioning Tools and Other Accelerator Related Applications

A.Raimondo, A.Rijllart*, C.Charrondiere, D.Kudryavtsev, H.Reymond, M.Nybo, M.Zerlauth, O.O.Andreassen (CERN) S.Shaipov (JINR)

THP098: Tdct - a Configuration Tool for EPICS Runtime Databases

R.Keitel* (TRIUMF)

THP099: Evaluation of OLAP Model Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy (IF) Logic

I.D.Valova* (ICSR)

THP100: Present Status and Upgrade of VME Computer in KEKB

E.Kikutani, K.Furukawa, K.Mori, T.T.Nakamura (KEK) K.Yoshii*, T.Nakamura (MELCO SC)

THP101: New Display Manager in WPF

CA.Timossi, G.J.Portmann, H.Nishimura* (LBNL)

THP102: Implementing Distributed Technology on BESIII Slow Control System

S.Zhang* (IHEP Beijing)

THP103: GFW - New GUI Framework at SLAC

D.Rogind, P.Krejcik, S.Chevtsov*, M.Zelazny (SLAC)

THP104: Exposure Synchronization in the Observation Control Software Framework at ESO

E.Pozna* (New Affiliation Request Pending)

THP105: ScienceStudio: A Project Status Update

D.G.Maxwell, D.Liu, D.Medrano, E.Matias* (CLS) Y.Yan (Concordia University) C.H.Armstrong, J.Haley (IBM) M.Bauer (The University of Western Ontario) M.Fuller, S.McIntryre (UWO)

THP106: The Flange for Controls System to Internet Applications

A. C.Starritt, C.A.Myers, R.I.Farnsworth* (ASCo)

THP107: Web-based Agent-oriented System for DAQ Control and Monitoring in LHD

H.Nakanishi, K.Kawahata, M.Kojima, M.Nonomura, M.Ohsuna*, S.Imazu, Y.Nagayama (NIFS)

THP108: Rapid Development of Database Interfaces with Oracle APEX, Used for the Controls Systems at CERN

M.Peryt*, R.Billen, Z.Zaharieva (CERN)

THP109: Eclipse RCP on the Way to the Web

J.Hatje*, M.R.Clausen (DESY)

THP110: Light-weight Web-based Control Applications with the Web2CToolkit

R.Bacher* (DESY)

THP111: Using Wordpress as a Simple and Reliable Electronic Logbook for the Heidelberg Ionenstrahl-Therapie Centrum (HIT) Accelerator Control System

A.Peters, J.M.Mosthaf*, S.Hanke (HIT)

THP112: Development of Web Applications for LHD Experiment Using Ruby on Rails

S. I.Inagaki (Kyushu University Research Institute of Applied Mechanics) C.Iwata, H.Nakanishi, M.Emoto*, M.Yoshida, Y.Nagayama (NIFS)

THP113: Upgrade the Machine Status Broadcast System by PHP Framework

C.H.Kuo, J.Chen, K.H.Hu, K.T.Hsu, Y.-S.Cheng*, Y.-T.Chang (NSRRC)

THP114: Web-based Real time Database Access for BEPC II

L.P.Yang* (IHEP Beijing)

THP115: Combining Structured and Unstructured Data In A Configurable Web-based Logbook

J.M.Nogiec* (Fermilab)

THP116: Mobile Framework for Beamline Control and Monitoring

P.Duval (DESY) A.Pazos*, M.DiCastro, U.R.Ristau (EMBL)

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